Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Montgomery (KMGJ) available!

Weather station in the area

Montgomery (METAR IATA_MGJ)
Newburgh/Stewart (SYNOP 725038)
Newburgh/Stewart (SYNOP IATA_SWF)
Newburgh/Stewart (METAR KSWF)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Montgomery (METAR KMGM)
Weatherstation Montgomery (METAR IATA_MGM)
Weatherstation Montgomery (METAR IATA_MGJ)
Weatherstation Monterey (METAR KMRY)
Weatherstation Monterey (METAR IATA_MRY)
Weatherstation Monterey (SYNOP 724948)
Weatherstation Monterrey (SYNOP 763930)
Weatherstation Montoro (METAR ES_5361X)
Weatherstation Montgomery-Dannelly (SYNOP 722260)
Weatherstation Montrose (METAR KMTJ)
Weatherstation Montrose (METAR IATA_MTJ)
Weatherstation Montague (SYNOP 725959)
Weatherstation Mongo (METAR FTTM)
Weatherstation Mongo (SYNOP 647580)
Weatherstation Monteagle (METAR KMGL)
Weatherstation Monteagle (METAR IATA_MGL)
Weatherstation San-Diego-Montgomer (SYNOP 722903)
Weatherstation Monroe (METAR KTTF)
Weatherstation Monroe (METAR KMLU)
Weatherstation Monroe (METAR KEQY)

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