Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Montijo (085340) available!

Weather station in the area

Alverca (METAR LPAR)
Montijo (METAR LPMT)
Alverca (SYNOP 085370)
Lisbon/Portela (METAR LPPT)
Lisbon (SYNOP 085350)
Lisbon/Portela (SYNOP 085360)
Lisboa/Gago Coutinho (SYNOP 085790)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Montijo (METAR LPMT)
Weatherstation Monteiro (SYNOP 827920)
Weatherstation Moti (METAR FDOT)
Weatherstation Montoro (METAR ES_5361X)
Weatherstation Monticello (METAR KMSV)
Weatherstation Monticello (METAR KLLQ)
Weatherstation Monticello (METAR IATA_MSV)
Weatherstation Monticello (METAR IATA_LLQ)
Weatherstation Monticello (SYNOP 725145)
Weatherstation Montevideo (METAR KMVE)
Weatherstation Montevideo (METAR IATA_MVE)
Weatherstation Montevideo (SYNOP 726553)
Weatherstation Montanejos (METAR ES_8472A)
Weatherstation Monesterio (METAR ES_4499X)
Weatherstation Montrose (METAR KMTJ)
Weatherstation Montrose (METAR IATA_MTJ)
Weatherstation Mongo (METAR FTTM)
Weatherstation Mongo (SYNOP 647580)
Weatherstation Mount-Wilson (METAR KMWS)
Weatherstation Mount-Wilson (METAR IATA_MWS)

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