Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Morrisville (KMVL) available!

Weather station in the area

Morrisville (METAR IATA_MVL)
Morrisville (METAR KMVL)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Morrisville (METAR IATA_MVL)
Weatherstation Martinsville (METAR KMTV)
Weatherstation Martinsville (METAR IATA_MTV)
Weatherstation Martinsville (SYNOP 745985)
Weatherstation Marysville (METAR KMYV)
Weatherstation Marysville (METAR KMRT)
Weatherstation Marysville (METAR IATA_MYV)
Weatherstation Marysville (METAR IATA_MRT)
Weatherstation Louisville (METAR KSDF)
Weatherstation Louisville (METAR IATA_SDF)
Weatherstation Louisville (SYNOP 724234)
Weatherstation Harrisonville (METAR KLRY)
Weatherstation Harrisonville (METAR IATA_LRY)
Weatherstation Porterville (METAR KPTV)
Weatherstation Porterville (METAR IATA_PTV)
Weatherstation Porterville (SYNOP 723895)
Weatherstation Morris (SYNOP 746500)
Weatherstation Millville (METAR KMIV)
Weatherstation Millville (METAR IATA_MIV)
Weatherstation Maryville (METAR KEVU)

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