Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Moscow (276120) available!

Weather station in the area

Moscow/Sheremet'Ye (SYNOP 275155)
Moscow/Sheremet' (METAR UUEE)
Ostafyevo Intl. (METAR UUMO)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Manschnow (SYNOP 103960)
Weatherstation Morristown (SYNOP 723344)
Weatherstation Montescuro (SYNOP 163440)
Weatherstation Roscino (SYNOP 228960)
Weatherstation Mosulpo (METAR RKPM)
Weatherstation Mosulpo (SYNOP 471870)
Weatherstation Mossoro (METAR SBMS)
Weatherstation Moskovo (SYNOP 296320)
Weatherstation Moseevo (SYNOP 224810)
Weatherstation Moleson (SYNOP 066090)
Weatherstation Modesto (METAR KMOD)
Weatherstation Modesto (METAR IATA_MOD)
Weatherstation Washington (METAR KOCW)
Weatherstation Vasteras-Hasslo (METAR ESOW)
Weatherstation Tumaco-La-Florid (METAR SKCO)
Weatherstation St-Celestin (METAR CMSC)
Weatherstation Soto-Cano-Ab (METAR MHSC)
Weatherstation Show-Low-Municip (METAR KSOW)
Weatherstation Santa-Clara (METAR MUSC)
Weatherstation Quellon (METAR SCON)

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