Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Multan (OPMT) available!

Weather station in the area

Multan (SYNOP 416750)
Multan (SYNOP 416750)
Multan (SYNOP 416750)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Multan (SYNOP 416750)
Weatherstation Mullan (METAR KS06)
Weatherstation Mullan (METAR IATA_S06)
Weatherstation Mullan (SYNOP 727836)
Weatherstation Mula (METAR ES_7172X)
Weatherstation Konya (METAR LTAN)
Weatherstation Mugla (SYNOP 172920)
Weatherstation Malta (METAR KM75)
Weatherstation Malta (METAR K77M)
Weatherstation Malta (METAR IATA_M75)
Weatherstation Malta (METAR IATA_77M)
Weatherstation Malta (SYNOP 725869)
Weatherstation Kulan (SYNOP 383430)
Weatherstation Gulistan (METAR OAGL)
Weatherstation Gulistan (SYNOP 409753)
Weatherstation Tulpan (SYNOP 238150)
Weatherstation Munsan (SYNOP 470990)
Weatherstation Mullen (METAR KMHN)
Weatherstation Mullen (METAR IATA_MHN)
Weatherstation Mulaly (SYNOP 367700)

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