Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Munsan (470990) available!

Weather station in the area

Kwangjeok (METAR KQFU)
Command Post Tan (METAR RKSH)
Seoul City (METAR RKSL)
Seoul/Kimpo Intl. (METAR RKSS)
Camp Casey/Tongd (METAR RKST)
Camp Stanley/H-2 (METAR RKSX)
Yongsan/H-208 Hp (METAR RKSY)
Kaesong (SYNOP 470700)
Dongducheon (SYNOP 470980)
Camp Redcloud/Uijd (SYNOP 471060)
Camp Stanley/H-207 (SYNOP 471064)
Camp Casey/Tongduch (SYNOP 471066)
Seoul City (SYNOP 471080)
Seoul/Kimpo Intl. (SYNOP 471100)
Yongsan/H-208 Hp (SYNOP 471105)
Command Post Tango (SYNOP 471125)
Seoul (SYNOP 471170)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Kunsan (METAR RKJK)
Weatherstation Kunsan (SYNOP 471410)
Weatherstation Kunsan (SYNOP 471400)
Weatherstation San-Antonio-Bano (METAR MUSA)
Weatherstation Pungsan (SYNOP 470220)
Weatherstation Muniesa (METAR ES_9513X)
Weatherstation Pusan (SYNOP 471590)
Weatherstation Masan (SYNOP 471550)
Weatherstation Mansa (METAR FLMA)
Weatherstation Mansa (SYNOP 674610)
Weatherstation Mengshan (SYNOP 590580)
Weatherstation Yushan (SYNOP 586340)
Weatherstation Wonsan (SYNOP 470550)
Weatherstation Musoma (METAR HTMU)
Weatherstation Musoma (SYNOP 637330)
Weatherstation Mus (METAR LTCK)
Weatherstation Mus (SYNOP 172043)
Weatherstation Mus (SYNOP 172040)
Weatherstation Munera (METAR ES_4096Y)
Weatherstation Multan (METAR OPMT)

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