Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Murgab (388780) available!

Weather station in the area

Murgab (SYNOP 388780)
Akbajtal Pass (SYNOP 388750)
Murgab (SYNOP 388780)
Oksu (SYNOP 388790)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Murau (SYNOP 112800)
Weatherstation Mugla (SYNOP 172920)
Weatherstation Turgaj (SYNOP 353580)
Weatherstation Murcia (METAR ES_7178I)
Weatherstation Murcia (SYNOP 084300)
Weatherstation Murasi (SYNOP 270970)
Weatherstation Munera (METAR ES_4096Y)
Weatherstation Maraba (METAR SBMA)
Weatherstation Maraba (SYNOP 825620)
Weatherstation Kurgan (SYNOP 286610)
Weatherstation Burgas (METAR LBBG)
Weatherstation Burgas (METAR KQHD)
Weatherstation Burgas (SYNOP 156550)
Weatherstation Aurangabad (SYNOP 430130)
Weatherstation Tsuruga (SYNOP 476310)
Weatherstation Ouargla (METAR DAUU)
Weatherstation Ouargla (SYNOP 605800)
Weatherstation Mutoraj (SYNOP 248070)
Weatherstation Muhrani (METAR UGMM)
Weatherstation Muhrani (SYNOP 375410)

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