Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Musoma (637330) available!

Weather station in the area

Musoma (SYNOP 637330)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Musoma (METAR HTMU)
Weatherstation San-Antonio-Bano (METAR MUSA)
Weatherstation Murom (SYNOP 275490)
Weatherstation Mus (METAR LTCK)
Weatherstation Mus (SYNOP 172043)
Weatherstation Mus (SYNOP 172040)
Weatherstation Munsan (SYNOP 470990)
Weatherstation Mumbwa (SYNOP 676550)
Weatherstation Moomba (SYNOP 944810)
Weatherstation Moa (SYNOP 782684)
Weatherstation Melsom (SYNOP 014810)
Weatherstation Matsushima (METAR RJST)
Weatherstation Matsushima (SYNOP 475910)
Weatherstation Wautoma (METAR KY50)
Weatherstation Wautoma (METAR IATA_Y50)
Weatherstation Susuman (SYNOP 247900)
Weatherstation Mutoraj (SYNOP 248070)
Weatherstation Mussala (SYNOP 156150)
Weatherstation Muniesa (METAR ES_9513X)
Weatherstation Mombasa (SYNOP 638200)

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