Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Muzi (234260) available!

Weather station in the area

Muzi (SYNOP 234260)
Muzi (SYNOP 234260)
Unsilgort (SYNOP 234230)
Muzi (SYNOP 234260)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Muir-Aaf-Indiant (METAR KMUI)
Weatherstation Manzanillo (METAR MUMZ)
Weatherstation Mzuzu (METAR FWUU)
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Weatherstation Mouyondzi (METAR FCBM)
Weatherstation Mouyondzi (SYNOP 644020)
Weatherstation Mzimba (METAR FWMZ)
Weatherstation Mzimba (SYNOP 674850)
Weatherstation Mvurwi (SYNOP 677890)
Weatherstation Muwaih (SYNOP 410060)
Weatherstation Murcia (METAR ES_7178I)
Weatherstation Murcia (SYNOP 084300)
Weatherstation Murasi (SYNOP 270970)
Weatherstation Muncie (METAR KMIE)
Weatherstation Muncie (METAR IATA_MIE)
Weatherstation Muhino (SYNOP 313770)
Weatherstation Mkushi (SYNOP 675750)
Weatherstation Mitzic (METAR FOOM)
Weatherstation Mitzic (SYNOP 645520)
Weatherstation Mergui (METAR VBRN)

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