Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Naha (ROAH) available!

Weather station in the area

Naha (SYNOP 479300)
Naha Airport (SYNOP 479360)
Hamby Aaf/Buckne (METAR ROHF)
Futenma (METAR ROTM)
Kadena (SYNOP 479310)
Futenma (SYNOP 479330)
Hamby Aaf/Buckner (SYNOP 479350)
Naha/Itokazu (SYNOP 479370)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Naha (SYNOP 479300)
Weatherstation Tahiti-Faaa-Poly (METAR NTAA)
Weatherstation Nara (SYNOP 612330)
Weatherstation Nara (SYNOP 477800)
Weatherstation Napa (METAR KAPC)
Weatherstation Napa (METAR IATA_APC)
Weatherstation Harmony (METAR FAHA)
Weatherstation Auckland-Intl-Airport (METAR NZAA)
Weatherstation Abuja (METAR DNAA)
Weatherstation Abakan (METAR UNAA)
Weatherstation Najahan (SYNOP 258210)
Weatherstation Nahodka (SYNOP 319700)
Weatherstation Unaha (SYNOP 311990)
Weatherstation Rafha (METAR OERF)
Weatherstation Rafha (SYNOP 403620)
Weatherstation Nyala (METAR HSNL)
Weatherstation Nyala (SYNOP 627900)
Weatherstation Njala (SYNOP 618780)
Weatherstation Neah-Bay (SYNOP 727984)
Weatherstation Natal (SYNOP 825980)

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