Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Nampo (470600) available!

Weather station in the area

Nampo (SYNOP 470600)
Nampo (SYNOP 470600)
Nampo (SYNOP 470600)
Pyongyang/Sunan (SYNOP 470580)
Pyongyang/Sunan (METAR ZKPY)
Sariwon (SYNOP 470650)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Napo (SYNOP 592090)
Weatherstation Nampa (METAR KMAN)
Weatherstation Campo (METAR KCZZ)
Weatherstation Campo (METAR IATA_CZZ)
Weatherstation Campo (SYNOP 747186)
Weatherstation Napoli (SYNOP 162894)
Weatherstation Kampot (SYNOP 489850)
Weatherstation Yampol' (SYNOP 334210)
Weatherstation Tocumen (METAR MPTO)
Weatherstation Tampico (SYNOP 765480)
Weatherstation Pune-Poona (METAR VAPO)
Weatherstation Puerto-Obaldia (METAR MPOA)
Weatherstation Poso-Kasiguncu (METAR WAMP)
Weatherstation Port-Harcourt (METAR DNPO)
Weatherstation Point-Hope (METAR PAPO)
Weatherstation Nyam (SYNOP 223020)
Weatherstation Napa (METAR KAPC)
Weatherstation Napa (METAR IATA_APC)
Weatherstation Nantmor (SYNOP 034030)
Weatherstation Nampula (METAR FQNP)

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