Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Nampula (672370) available!

Weather station in the area

Nampula (METAR FQNP)
Nampula (SYNOP 672370)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Nampula (METAR FQNP)
Weatherstation Nampa (METAR KMAN)
Weatherstation Napa (METAR KAPC)
Weatherstation Napa (METAR IATA_APC)
Weatherstation Kampala (SYNOP 636800)
Weatherstation Tampa (METAR KTPA)
Weatherstation Tampa (METAR IATA_TPA)
Weatherstation Pampa (METAR KPPA)
Weatherstation Pampa (METAR IATA_PPA)
Weatherstation Nyala (METAR HSNL)
Weatherstation Nyala (SYNOP 627900)
Weatherstation Njala (SYNOP 618780)
Weatherstation Napas (SYNOP 290230)
Weatherstation Nampo (SYNOP 470600)
Weatherstation Naama (SYNOP 605570)
Weatherstation Tapachula (METAR MMTP)
Weatherstation Tapachula (METAR IATA_TAP)
Weatherstation Tapachula (SYNOP 769043)
Weatherstation Tapachula (SYNOP 769040)
Weatherstation Tapachula (SYNOP 769030)

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