Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Nan-Agromet (483330) available!

Weather station in the area

Nan (SYNOP 483310)
Nan/Muang Nan (METAR VTCN)
Nan Agromet (SYNOP 483330)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Yala-Agromet (SYNOP 485810)
Weatherstation Sawi-Agromet (SYNOP 485200)
Weatherstation Lampang-Agromet (SYNOP 483340)
Weatherstation Chainat-Agromet (SYNOP 484020)
Weatherstation Bang-Na-Agromet (SYNOP 484530)
Weatherstation Takfa-Agromet (SYNOP 484010)
Weatherstation Surin-Agromet (SYNOP 484330)
Weatherstation Pakchong-Agromet (SYNOP 484350)
Weatherstation Sakon-Nakhon-Agromet (SYNOP 483550)
Weatherstation Huai-Pong-Agromet (SYNOP 484790)
Weatherstation Nangrong (SYNOP 484360)
Weatherstation Si-Samrong-Agromet (SYNOP 483730)
Weatherstation Nong-Phlub-Agromet (SYNOP 484740)
Weatherstation Chaing-Rai-Agromet (SYNOP 483040)
Weatherstation U-Thong-Agromet (SYNOP 484270)
Weatherstation Surat-Thani-Agromet (SYNOP 485550)
Weatherstation Phatthalung-Agromet (SYNOP 485600)
Weatherstation Nain-Airport (METAR IATA_YDP)
Weatherstation Nain-Airport (METAR CYDP)
Weatherstation Nain-Airport (SYNOP 719020)

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