Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Naples (KQLQ) available!

Weather station in the area

Capodicino Nemod (METAR EQYN)
Capodicino Nemod (METAR KQNN)
Naples/Capodichi (METAR LIRN)
Naples/Capodichino (SYNOP 162890)
Napoli (SYNOP 162894)
Capri Island (METAR LIQC)
Grazzanise (METAR LIRM)
Grazzanise (SYNOP 162530)
Capri Island (SYNOP 162940)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Staples (METAR KSAZ)
Weatherstation Staples (METAR IATA_SAZ)
Weatherstation Nogales (METAR MMNG)
Weatherstation Nogales (METAR KOLS)
Weatherstation Nogales (METAR K13A)
Weatherstation Nogales (METAR IATA_OLS)
Weatherstation Nogales (METAR IATA_13A)
Weatherstation Nogales (SYNOP 760803)
Weatherstation Nogales (SYNOP 722726)
Weatherstation Wales (METAR PAIW)
Weatherstation Wales (SYNOP 701160)
Weatherstation Napas (SYNOP 290230)
Weatherstation Napoli (SYNOP 162894)
Weatherstation Namest (METAR LKNA)
Weatherstation Trappes (SYNOP 071450)
Weatherstation Rojales (METAR ES_7261X)
Weatherstation Needles (METAR KEED)
Weatherstation Needles (METAR IATA_EED)
Weatherstation Needles (SYNOP 723800)
Weatherstation Nampula (METAR FQNP)

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