Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Nenjiang (505570) available!

Weather station in the area

Nenjiang (SYNOP 505570)
Nenjiang (SYNOP 505570)
Nenjiang (SYNOP 505570)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Wenjiang (SYNOP 561870)
Weatherstation Neijiang (SYNOP 575040)
Weatherstation Nanjing (SYNOP 582380)
Weatherstation Linjiang (SYNOP 543740)
Weatherstation Newnan (METAR KCCO)
Weatherstation Newnan (METAR IATA_CCO)
Weatherstation Nenana (METAR PANN)
Weatherstation Nenana (METAR IATA_ENN)
Weatherstation Nejran (METAR OENG)
Weatherstation Zhanjiang (METAR ZGZJ)
Weatherstation Zhanjiang (SYNOP 596580)
Weatherstation Yuanjiang (SYNOP 576710)
Weatherstation Yuanjiang (SYNOP 569660)
Weatherstation Yangjiang (SYNOP 596630)
Weatherstation Qingjiang (SYNOP 581440)
Weatherstation Pingjiang (SYNOP 576820)
Weatherstation Minjilang (SYNOP 941330)
Weatherstation Xinjing (SYNOP 592180)
Weatherstation Weining (SYNOP 566910)
Weatherstation Weifang (SYNOP 548430)

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