Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Newark (KVTA) available!

Weather station in the area

Newark (METAR IATA_2I8)
Newark (METAR K2I8)
Lancaster (METAR IATA_I15)
Lancaster (METAR IATA_LHQ)
Appleton (METAR KAPE)
Lancaster (METAR KI15)
Lancaster (METAR KLHQ)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Newark (METAR KEWR)
Weatherstation Newark (METAR K2I8)
Weatherstation Newark (METAR IATA_VTA)
Weatherstation Newark (METAR IATA_EWR)
Weatherstation Newark (METAR IATA_2I8)
Weatherstation Narok (METAR HKNO)
Weatherstation Narok (SYNOP 637370)
Weatherstation Seward (METAR PAWD)
Weatherstation Seward (METAR IATA_SWD)
Weatherstation Seward (SYNOP 702770)
Weatherstation Newnan (METAR KCCO)
Weatherstation Newnan (METAR IATA_CCO)
Weatherstation Newman (SYNOP 953140)
Weatherstation New-Largo (METAR FANL)
Weatherstation New-Largo (SYNOP 682634)
Weatherstation Dwarka (SYNOP 427310)
Weatherstation Renmark (SYNOP 946870)
Weatherstation Newquay (METAR EGHQ)
Weatherstation Newport (METAR KUUU)
Weatherstation Newport (METAR KONP)

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