Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Newton (KEWK) available!

Weather station in the area

Newton (SYNOP 724509)
Wichita/Jabara (SYNOP IATA_3KM)
Wichita/Jabara (SYNOP IATA_AAO)
Wichita/Jabara (METAR K3KM)
Wichita/Jabara (METAR KAAO)
Wichita/Col. Jabara (SYNOP 724504)
Hillsboro Profil (SYNOP 745460)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Newton (METAR IATA_EWK)
Weatherstation Newton (METAR EGXN)
Weatherstation Newton (SYNOP 724509)
Weatherstation Newton (SYNOP 035905)
Weatherstation Lewiston (METAR KLWS)
Weatherstation Lewiston (METAR IATA_LWS)
Weatherstation Lewiston (SYNOP 727830)
Weatherstation Newton-Muni (METAR KTNU)
Weatherstation Newton-Muni (METAR IATA_TNU)
Weatherstation Newton-Muni (SYNOP 725464)
Weatherstation Renton (METAR KRNT)
Weatherstation Renton (METAR IATA_RNT)
Weatherstation Norton (METAR KNRN)
Weatherstation Norton (METAR IATA_NRN)
Weatherstation Newnan (METAR KCCO)
Weatherstation Newnan (METAR IATA_CCO)
Weatherstation Newman (SYNOP 953140)
Weatherstation Nelson (METAR IATA_WNM)
Weatherstation Nelson (METAR CWNM)
Weatherstation Nelson (SYNOP 717760)

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