Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Nivala (029050) available!

Weather station in the area

Ylivieska (METAR EFYL)
Ylivieska (SYNOP 028744)
Ylivieska airfield (SYNOP 027550)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Nyala (METAR HSNL)
Weatherstation Nyala (SYNOP 627900)
Weatherstation Njala (SYNOP 618780)
Weatherstation Kivalina (METAR PAVL)
Weatherstation Kivalina (METAR IATA_KVL)
Weatherstation Novaja (SYNOP 229170)
Weatherstation Nivankyul (SYNOP 221050)
Weatherstation Nevada (METAR KNVD)
Weatherstation Nevada (METAR IATA_NVD)
Weatherstation Lisala (METAR FZGA)
Weatherstation Lisala (SYNOP 640140)
Weatherstation Patiala (SYNOP 421010)
Weatherstation Nikolai (METAR PAFS)
Weatherstation Nikolai (METAR IATA_FSP)
Weatherstation Niigata (METAR RJSN)
Weatherstation Niigata (SYNOP 476040)
Weatherstation Niigata (SYNOP 475730)
Weatherstation Nicatka (SYNOP 302630)
Weatherstation Niagara (SYNOP 725288)
Weatherstation Nampula (METAR FQNP)

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