Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Oksoy (014480) available!

Weather station in the area

Kristiansand/Kje (METAR ENCN)
Kristiansand/Kjevik (SYNOP 014520)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Yongsan-H-208-Hp (METAR RKSY)
Weatherstation Yasouj-Airport (METAR OISY)
Weatherstation Syracuse (METAR KSYR)
Weatherstation Swainsboro (METAR KSBO)
Weatherstation Stillwater (METAR KSWO)
Weatherstation Stanton (METAR KSYN)
Weatherstation St-Francis (METAR KSYF)
Weatherstation Southern-Pines (METAR KSOP)
Weatherstation South-Lincoln (METAR KSOL)
Weatherstation Sonora (METAR KSOA)
Weatherstation Sidney (METAR KSNY)
Weatherstation Sidney-Richland (METAR KSDY)
Weatherstation Show-Low-Municip (METAR KSOW)
Weatherstation Shelbyville (METAR KSYI)
Weatherstation Selmer (METAR KSZY)
Weatherstation Savanna-Tritown (METAR KSFY)
Weatherstation Santa-Monica (METAR KSMO)
Weatherstation San-Simon (METAR KSSO)
Weatherstation San-Francisco (METAR KSFO)
Weatherstation Salisbury (METAR KSBY)

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