Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Oravita (153380) available!

Weather station in the area

Vrsac (SYNOP 131830)
Veliko Gradiste (SYNOP 132850)
Carbunari (SYNOP 153630)
Moldova Veche (SYNOP 153880)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Oita (SYNOP 478150)
Weatherstation Grivita (SYNOP 154050)
Weatherstation Zavitaja (SYNOP 315270)
Weatherstation Praia (SYNOP 085890)
Weatherstation Orapa (METAR FBOR)
Weatherstation Orapa (SYNOP 680403)
Weatherstation Gaviotas (METAR MCGV)
Weatherstation Gaviotas (SYNOP 802410)
Weatherstation O-Saviao (METAR ES_1535I)
Weatherstation Bonavista (METAR IATA_WVA)
Weatherstation Bonavista (METAR CWVA)
Weatherstation Bonavista (SYNOP 711960)
Weatherstation Andravida (METAR LGAD)
Weatherstation Zorita (METAR ES_4347X)
Weatherstation Vratza (SYNOP 155050)
Weatherstation Sarata (SYNOP 338960)
Weatherstation Safita (SYNOP 400660)
Weatherstation Ormara (METAR OPOR)
Weatherstation Ormara (SYNOP 417603)
Weatherstation Oradea (METAR LROD)

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