Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Orense (080480) available!

Weather station in the area

Ourense (SYNOP ES_1690A)
Allariz (SYNOP ES_1706A)
Monforte de Lemos (SYNOP ES_1679A)
O Carballio (SYNOP ES_1700X)
O Saviao (SYNOP ES_1535I)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Ourense (METAR ES_1690A)
Weatherstation Snorre-A-Oilp (METAR ENSE)
Weatherstation Ordynskoe (SYNOP 297260)
Weatherstation Olenek (SYNOP 241250)
Weatherstation Oceanside (METAR KOKB)
Weatherstation Oceanside (METAR KL32)
Weatherstation Oceanside (METAR IATA_OKB)
Weatherstation Oceanside (METAR IATA_L32)
Weatherstation Trieste (METAR LIVT)
Weatherstation Trieste (SYNOP 161100)
Weatherstation Serenje (METAR FLSE)
Weatherstation Serenje (SYNOP 675710)
Weatherstation Oropesa (METAR ES_3427Y)
Weatherstation Odienne (METAR DIOD)
Weatherstation Odienne (SYNOP 655280)
Weatherstation Laurens (METAR KLUX)
Weatherstation Laurens (METAR IATA_LUX)
Weatherstation Kirensk (METAR UIKK)
Weatherstation Kirensk (SYNOP 302300)
Weatherstation Jarensk (SYNOP 227980)

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