Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Orsa (267630) available!

Weather station in the area

Orsa (SYNOP 267630)
Orsa (SYNOP 267630)
Orsa (SYNOP 267630)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Orsay (SYNOP 031020)
Weatherstation Osa (SYNOP 283240)
Weatherstation Sulaymaniyah (METAR ORSU)
Weatherstation Shimoji-Shima-Island (METAR RORS)
Weatherstation Shaibah-Basrah (METAR ORMS)
Weatherstation Salalah (METAR OOSA)
Weatherstation Saddam (METAR ORBS)
Weatherstation Sacramento-Rfc (METAR KRSA)
Weatherstation Risalpur (METAR OPRS)
Weatherstation Osan (METAR RKSO)
Weatherstation Osan (SYNOP 471220)
Weatherstation Orsk (METAR UWOR)
Weatherstation Orsk (SYNOP 351380)
Weatherstation Mount-Pleasant (METAR KOSA)
Weatherstation Eastsound-Orcas (METAR KORS)
Weatherstation Aomori-Airport (METAR RJSA)
Weatherstation Aleppo (METAR OSAP)
Weatherstation Aguni-Island (METAR RORA)
Weatherstation Abadeh (METAR OISA)
Weatherstation Oropesa (METAR ES_3427Y)

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