Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Osterfeld (105650) available!

Weather station in the area

Gera-Leumnitz (SYNOP 105670)
Leipzig/Schkeudi (METAR EDDP)
Leipzig/Halle (SYNOP 104690)
Altenburg-Nobitz (METAR EDAC)
Leipzig/Schkeudi (METAR EDDP)
Altenburg-Nobitz (METAR IATA_AOC)
Leipzig (SYNOP 104710)
Altenburg Nobitz (SYNOP 105530)
Gera-Leumnitz (SYNOP 105670)
Gera-Leumnitz (METAR EDAJ)
Schleiz (SYNOP 105640)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Oster (SYNOP 332360)
Weatherstation Tenterfield (SYNOP 945560)
Weatherstation Wethersfield (METAR EGVT)
Weatherstation Wethersfield (SYNOP 036883)
Weatherstation Westfield (METAR KBAF)
Weatherstation Westfield (METAR IATA_BAF)
Weatherstation Chesterfield-Inl (METAR IATA_YCS)
Weatherstation Chesterfield-Inl (METAR CYCS)
Weatherstation Whitefield (METAR KHIE)
Weatherstation Whitefield (METAR IATA_HIE)
Weatherstation Whitefield (SYNOP 726134)
Weatherstation Pferdsfeld (METAR ETSP)
Weatherstation Pferdsfeld (SYNOP 106260)
Weatherstation Kistefjell (SYNOP 010300)
Weatherstation Clearfield (METAR KN97)
Weatherstation Clearfield (METAR KFIG)
Weatherstation Clearfield (METAR IATA_N97)
Weatherstation Clearfield (METAR IATA_FIG)
Weatherstation Rafha (METAR OERF)
Weatherstation Orel (SYNOP 279060)

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