Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Ottawa-Intl.-Airport (716280) available!

Weather station in the area

Ottawa Intl. (METAR CYOW)
Ottawa Intl. (METAR IATA_YOW)
Ottawa Cda Rcs (METAR CXOA)
Gatineau Airport (METAR CYND)
Gatineau Airport (METAR IATA_YND)
Ottawa Cda Rcs (SYNOP 710630)
Gatineau Airport (SYNOP 716279)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Ontario-Intl-Airport (SYNOP 722865)
Weatherstation Wewak-Intl-Airport (METAR AYWK)
Weatherstation Wewak-Intl-Airport (SYNOP 940040)
Weatherstation Tampa-Intl-Airport (SYNOP 722110)
Weatherstation Aqaba-Intl-Airport (METAR OJAQ)
Weatherstation Aqaba-Intl-Airport (SYNOP 403400)
Weatherstation Newark-Intl-Airport (SYNOP 725020)
Weatherstation Nassau-Intl-Airport (SYNOP 780730)
Weatherstation Macapa-Intl-Airport (SYNOP 820980)
Weatherstation La-Paz-Intl-Airport (SYNOP 764055)
Weatherstation Gan-Intl-Airport (METAR VRMG)
Weatherstation Abadan-Intl-Airport (SYNOP 408310)
Weatherstation Watertown-Intl-Airport (SYNOP 726227)
Weatherstation Zahedan-Intl-Airport (METAR OIZH)
Weatherstation Zahedan-Intl-Airport (SYNOP 408560)
Weatherstation Yuma-Intl-Airport (SYNOP 722800)
Weatherstation Tijuana-Intl-Airport (METAR MMTJ)
Weatherstation Tijuana-Intl-Airport (METAR IATA_TIJ)
Weatherstation Tijuana-Intl-Airport (SYNOP 760013)
Weatherstation Sharjah-Intl-Airport (METAR OMSJ)

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