Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Padova (LIPU) available!

Weather station in the area

Padova (SYNOP 160950)
Dova Acc (SYNOP 160955)
Istrana (METAR LIPS)
Vicenza (METAR LIPT)
Mount Venda (METAR LIVV)
Vicenza (SYNOP 160940)
Mount Venda (SYNOP 160963)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Padova (SYNOP 160950)
Weatherstation Chevak (METAR PAVA)
Weatherstation Sandoa (METAR FZSD)
Weatherstation Sandoa (SYNOP 643030)
Weatherstation Padany (SYNOP 226190)
Weatherstation Kadoma (SYNOP 678690)
Weatherstation Kadoka (METAR KKAD)
Weatherstation Kadoka (METAR IATA_KAD)
Weatherstation Pallasovka (SYNOP 343730)
Weatherstation Sladkov (SYNOP 285870)
Weatherstation Poltava (SYNOP 335060)
Weatherstation Palocka (SYNOP 292410)
Weatherstation Paekado (METAR RKTB)
Weatherstation Paekado (SYNOP 471085)
Weatherstation Paducah (METAR KPAH)
Weatherstation Paducah (METAR IATA_PAH)
Weatherstation Padidan (SYNOP 417640)
Weatherstation Mandora (SYNOP 942000)
Weatherstation Kahovka (SYNOP 338690)
Weatherstation Craiova (METAR LRCV)

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