Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Pakri (260290) available!

Weather station in the area

Aemari Air Base (METAR EEEI)
Raasepori Jussaro (SYNOP 027570)
Aemari Air Base (METAR EEEI)
Laane-Nigula (SYNOP 261240)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Kipnuk (METAR PAKI)
Weatherstation Paris (METAR KPRG)
Weatherstation Pagri (SYNOP 557730)
Weatherstation Patrai (SYNOP 166890)
Weatherstation Paring (SYNOP 153210)
Weatherstation Paring (SYNOP 153200)
Weatherstation Wrightst-Mcguire (METAR KWRI)
Weatherstation Wolverine-Road (METAR PAIZ)
Weatherstation Whittier (METAR PAWR)
Weatherstation Wales (METAR PAIW)
Weatherstation Wake-Island-Airf (METAR PWAK)
Weatherstation Wainwright (METAR PAWI)
Weatherstation Talkeetna (METAR PATK)
Weatherstation Stony-River-Land (METAR PAER)
Weatherstation St-Michael (METAR PAMK)
Weatherstation Snowshoe-Lake (METAR PALK)
Weatherstation Sitka (METAR PASI)
Weatherstation Selawik (METAR PASK)
Weatherstation Russian-Mission (METAR PARS)
Weatherstation Ruby (METAR PARY)

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