Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Palic (130670) available!

Weather station in the area

Szeged Kulterulet (SYNOP 129820)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Pjalica (SYNOP 223490)
Weatherstation Galic (SYNOP 272430)
Weatherstation Yinchuan (METAR ZLIC)
Weatherstation Wolverine-Road (METAR PAIZ)
Weatherstation Wales (METAR PAIW)
Weatherstation Wainwright (METAR PAWI)
Weatherstation Ustica-Island (METAR LICU)
Weatherstation Trapani-Birgi (METAR LICT)
Weatherstation Tin-City-Afs (METAR PATC)
Weatherstation Tatalina-Afs (METAR PATL)
Weatherstation Taguac (METAR PGAC)
Weatherstation Snowshoe-Lake (METAR PALK)
Weatherstation Sleetmute (METAR PASL)
Weatherstation Sitka (METAR PASI)
Weatherstation Sitka-Biorka-88D (METAR PACG)
Weatherstation Sigonella (METAR LICZ)
Weatherstation Sciacca (METAR LICS)
Weatherstation Scammon-Bay (METAR PACM)
Weatherstation Reggio-Calabria (METAR LICR)
Weatherstation Prizzi (METAR LICX)

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