Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Palmdale (KPMD) available!

Weather station in the area

Los Angels/Artcc (METAR IATA_ZLA)
Los Angels/Artcc (METAR KZLA)
Palmdale Production (SYNOP 723820)
Edwards Afb (SYNOP IATA_EDW)
Lancaster/Fox (SYNOP IATA_WJF)
Edwards Afb (METAR KEDW)
Lancaster/Fox (METAR KWJF)
Edwards Afb (SYNOP 723810)
Lancaster/Fox Field (SYNOP 723816)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Palmdale (METAR KGXA)
Weatherstation Palmdale (METAR IATA_PMD)
Weatherstation Palmdale (METAR IATA_GXA)
Weatherstation Coaldale (METAR KOAL)
Weatherstation Coaldale (METAR IATA_OAL)
Weatherstation Tamale (METAR DGLE)
Weatherstation Tamale (SYNOP 654180)
Weatherstation Palmer (METAR PAAQ)
Weatherstation Palmer (METAR IATA_PAQ)
Weatherstation Palmas (METAR SBPJ)
Weatherstation Palmas (SYNOP 838600)
Weatherstation Palmas (SYNOP 830650)
Weatherstation Skamdal (SYNOP 011460)
Weatherstation Palmyra (METAR OSPR)
Weatherstation Palmyra (SYNOP 400610)
Weatherstation Pala (METAR FTTP)
Weatherstation Pala (SYNOP 647090)
Weatherstation Namdalseid (SYNOP 012800)
Weatherstation Middleton-Island (METAR PAMD)
Weatherstation Kalaleh (METAR OINE)

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