Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Papa (LHPA) available!

Weather station in the area

Papa (SYNOP 128250)
Papa (SYNOP 128250)
Gyor Likocs (SYNOP 128220)
Papa (SYNOP 128250)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Papa (SYNOP 128250)
Weatherstation Pampa (METAR KPPA)
Weatherstation Pampa (METAR IATA_PPA)
Weatherstation Yakutat (METAR PAYA)
Weatherstation Tanana (METAR PATA)
Weatherstation Tahnetna-Pass-Lo (METAR PASP)
Weatherstation St-George (METAR PAPB)
Weatherstation Savoonga (METAR PASA)
Weatherstation Puntilla-Lake (METAR PAPT)
Weatherstation Prospect-Creek (METAR PAPR)
Weatherstation Port-Heiden (METAR PAPH)
Weatherstation Port-Clarence (METAR PAPC)
Weatherstation Port-Alexander (METAR PAAP)
Weatherstation Point-Thomson-Airstrip (METAR PAAD)
Weatherstation Point-Hope (METAR PAPO)
Weatherstation Point-Arena (METAR KPAA)
Weatherstation Platinum (METAR PAPM)
Weatherstation Pilot-Point (METAR PAPN)
Weatherstation Petersburg (METAR PAPG)
Weatherstation Palmer (METAR PAAQ)

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