Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Paring (153200) available!

Weather station in the area

Petrosani (SYNOP 152960)
Paring (SYNOP 153210)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Paring (SYNOP 153210)
Weatherstation Parg (SYNOP 142190)
Weatherstation Mckinley-Park (METAR PAIN)
Weatherstation Igiugig (METAR PAIG)
Weatherstation Maringa (METAR SBMG)
Weatherstation Maringa (SYNOP 837670)
Weatherstation Charing (SYNOP 037850)
Weatherstation Pazin (SYNOP 143080)
Weatherstation Parnu (METAR EEPU)
Weatherstation Paris (METAR KPRG)
Weatherstation Pakri (SYNOP 260290)
Weatherstation Pagri (SYNOP 557730)
Weatherstation Marin (SYNOP 080430)
Weatherstation Wandering (SYNOP 956400)
Weatherstation Wandering (SYNOP 946240)
Weatherstation Wanaaring (SYNOP 944970)
Weatherstation Pohang (METAR RKTH)
Weatherstation Pohang (SYNOP 471390)
Weatherstation Pohang (SYNOP 471380)
Weatherstation Plains (METAR KS34)

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