Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Pavlodar (360030) available!

Weather station in the area

Pavlodar (METAR UASP)
Pavlodar (METAR UASP)
Pavlodar (METAR UASP)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Pavlodar (METAR UASP)
Weatherstation Pavlogradka (SYNOP 287980)
Weatherstation Kaldar (METAR OAKR)
Weatherstation Kaldar (SYNOP 409240)
Weatherstation Pavlograd (SYNOP 345020)
Weatherstation Valdez (METAR PAVD)
Weatherstation Phalodi (SYNOP 422370)
Weatherstation Palocka (SYNOP 292410)
Weatherstation Pala (METAR FTTP)
Weatherstation Pala (SYNOP 647090)
Weatherstation Northway (METAR PAOR)
Weatherstation Kivalina (METAR PAVL)
Weatherstation Chevak (METAR PAVA)
Weatherstation Chandalar-Lake (METAR PALR)
Weatherstation Palmdale (METAR KPMD)
Weatherstation Palmdale (METAR KGXA)
Weatherstation Palmdale (METAR IATA_PMD)
Weatherstation Palmdale (METAR IATA_GXA)
Weatherstation Nalgonda (SYNOP 431330)
Weatherstation Ballobar (METAR ES_9911X)

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