Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Pershore (035290) available!

Weather station in the area

Birmingham Airport (METAR EGBB)
Staverton (METAR EGBJ)
Birmingham Airport (SYNOP 035340)
Birmingham Airport (SYNOP 035350)
Staverton (SYNOP 036333)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Pierre (METAR KPIR)
Weatherstation Pierre (METAR IATA_PIR)
Weatherstation Pechora (SYNOP 234180)
Weatherstation Orebro (METAR ESOE)
Weatherstation Jessore (METAR VGJR)
Weatherstation Jessore (SYNOP 419360)
Weatherstation Berhampore (SYNOP 426030)
Weatherstation Perth-Scone (METAR EGPT)
Weatherstation Perth-Scone (SYNOP 031573)
Weatherstation Progress (SYNOP 895740)
Weatherstation Progreso (SYNOP 765930)
Weatherstation Peshkopi (SYNOP 136190)
Weatherstation Peshawar (METAR OPPS)
Weatherstation Peshawar (SYNOP 415300)
Weatherstation Peshawar (SYNOP 415290)
Weatherstation Perkasie (METAR KCKZ)
Weatherstation Perkasie (METAR IATA_CKZ)
Weatherstation Paterson (SYNOP 947750)
Weatherstation Offshore (METAR KH78)
Weatherstation Offshore (METAR IATA_H78)

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