Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Phrae (VTCP) available!

Weather station in the area

Phrae (SYNOP 483300)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Phrae (SYNOP 483300)
Weatherstation Teller (METAR PATE)
Weatherstation Stony-River-Land (METAR PAER)
Weatherstation Radom-Airport (METAR EPRA)
Weatherstation Portage (SYNOP 727448)
Weatherstation Piraeus (METAR LGLX)
Weatherstation Piraeus (SYNOP 167170)
Weatherstation Pechora (SYNOP 234180)
Weatherstation Page (METAR KPGO)
Weatherstation Page (METAR KPGA)
Weatherstation Page (METAR IATA_PGO)
Weatherstation Page (METAR IATA_PGA)
Weatherstation Naalehu-S-Hawaii (METAR PHWA)
Weatherstation Moi-Airbase (METAR HKRE)
Weatherstation Kokee (METAR PHAC)
Weatherstation Kenai (METAR PAEN)
Weatherstation Kamembe (METAR HRZA)
Weatherstation Kalaeloa (METAR PHJR)
Weatherstation Kake (METAR PAFE)
Weatherstation Horta-Faial-Isla (METAR LPHR)

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