Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Piotta (067530) available!

Weather station in the area

Guetsch Ob Andermatt (SYNOP 067500)
Engelberg (SYNOP 066550)
Altdorf (SYNOP 066720)
Grimsel-Hospiz (SYNOP 067440)
Ulrichen (SYNOP 067450)
Grimsel Pass (SYNOP 067460)
Robiei (SYNOP 067510)
Disentis (SYNOP 067820)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Tjotta (SYNOP 011170)
Weatherstation Poteau (METAR KRKR)
Weatherstation Poteau (METAR IATA_RKR)
Weatherstation Piloa (METAR ES_1199X)
Weatherstation Potsdam (METAR KPTD)
Weatherstation Potsdam (METAR IATA_PTD)
Weatherstation Potsdam (SYNOP 103790)
Weatherstation Potsdam (SYNOP 103780)
Weatherstation Potenza (METAR LIBZ)
Weatherstation Potenza (SYNOP 163000)
Weatherstation Portage (SYNOP 727448)
Weatherstation Poltava (SYNOP 335060)
Weatherstation Pitlyar (SYNOP 234310)
Weatherstation Pitesti (SYNOP 153730)
Weatherstation Piornal (METAR ES_3516X)
Weatherstation Pingtan (SYNOP 589440)
Weatherstation Pelotas (METAR SBPK)
Weatherstation Pelotas (SYNOP 839850)
Weatherstation Pattani (METAR VTSK)
Weatherstation Pattani (SYNOP 485800)

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