Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Pishan (518180) available!

Weather station in the area

Pishan (SYNOP 518180)
Pishan (SYNOP 518180)
Pishan (SYNOP 518180)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Pisa (METAR LIRP)
Weatherstation Taishan (SYNOP 588530)
Weatherstation Beishan (SYNOP 524410)
Weatherstation Pusan (SYNOP 471590)
Weatherstation Bisha (METAR OEBH)
Weatherstation Bisha (SYNOP 410840)
Weatherstation Yingshan (SYNOP 584020)
Weatherstation Wuyishan (METAR ZSWY)
Weatherstation Piestany (METAR LZPP)
Weatherstation Piestany (METAR LKPP)
Weatherstation Piestany (METAR IATA_PZY)
Weatherstation Piestany (SYNOP 118260)
Weatherstation Yushan (SYNOP 586340)
Weatherstation Tshane (METAR FBTE)
Weatherstation Tshane (SYNOP 682260)
Weatherstation Sisian (SYNOP 378970)
Weatherstation Sishen (METAR FASS)
Weatherstation Sishen (SYNOP 681745)
Weatherstation Sainshand (SYNOP 443540)
Weatherstation Pyoripsan (METAR RKSV)

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