Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Pittsburgh (KPIT) available!

Weather station in the area

Pitt/Coraopolis (METAR IATA_PBZ)
Pittsburgh (METAR IATA_PIT)
Pitt/Coraopolis (METAR KPBZ)
Pittsburgh Intl. (SYNOP 725200)
Pittsburgh (SYNOP 725206)
Pittsburgh/Alleg (SYNOP IATA_AGC)
Beaver Falls Airport (SYNOP IATA_BVI)
Ellwood City Vor (SYNOP IATA_EWC)
Pittsburgh/Alleg (METAR KAGC)
Butler Co. (METAR KBTP)
Beaver Falls Airport (METAR KBVI)
Ellwood City Vor (METAR KEWC)
Butler Co. (SYNOP 725124)
Beaver Falls Airport (SYNOP 725204)
Pittsburgh/Alleghen (SYNOP 725205)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Pittsburgh (METAR IATA_PIT)
Weatherstation Pittsburgh (SYNOP 725206)
Weatherstation Pittsburg (METAR KPTS)
Weatherstation Pittsburg (METAR IATA_PTS)
Weatherstation Plattsburgh (METAR KPLB)
Weatherstation Plattsburgh (METAR IATA_PLB)
Weatherstation Pittsburgh-Intl (SYNOP 725200)
Weatherstation Pittsburgh-Alleg (METAR KAGC)
Weatherstation Pittsburgh-Alleg (METAR IATA_AGC)
Weatherstation Pietersburg (METAR FAPI)
Weatherstation Pietersburg (METAR FAPB)
Weatherstation Pietersburg (SYNOP 681746)
Weatherstation Plattsburgh-Afb (METAR KPBG)
Weatherstation Plattsburgh-Afb (METAR IATA_PBG)
Weatherstation Plattsburgh-Afb (SYNOP 726225)
Weatherstation Petersburg (METAR PAPG)
Weatherstation Petersburg (METAR KW99)
Weatherstation Petersburg (METAR KPTB)
Weatherstation Petersburg (METAR IATA_W99)
Weatherstation Petersburg (METAR IATA_PTB)

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