Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Ploce (144620) available!

Weather station in the area

Ploce (SYNOP 144620)
Makarska (SYNOP 144540)
Ploce (SYNOP 144620)
Livno (SYNOP 146400)
Lapiina (METAR KQOP)
Mostar Airport (METAR LQMO)
Mostar (SYNOP 133480)
Mostar (SYNOP 146480)
Makarska (SYNOP 144540)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Plock (SYNOP 123600)
Weatherstation Palocka (SYNOP 292410)
Weatherstation Oe-Cusse-Timor-I (METAR WPOC)
Weatherstation Leigh-Creek-S-A (METAR YPLC)
Weatherstation La-Verne-Bracket (METAR KPOC)
Weatherstation Ilo (METAR SPLO)
Weatherstation Fort-Polk-Fr (METAR KPOE)
Weatherstation Evreux-Fauville (METAR LFOE)
Weatherstation Erzurum (METAR LTCE)
Weatherstation Ercan (METAR LCEN)
Weatherstation Enna (METAR LICE)
Weatherstation Christmas-Cassid (METAR PLCH)
Weatherstation Chateaudun (METAR LFOC)
Weatherstation Cewice-Airbase (METAR EPCE)
Weatherstation Cerklje (METAR LJCE)
Weatherstation Central (METAR PACE)
Weatherstation Boshang-Lincang (METAR ZPLC)
Weatherstation Angeles-Pampanga (METAR RPLC)
Weatherstation Pulozero (SYNOP 221190)
Weatherstation Poctovoe (SYNOP 339450)

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