Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Plock (123600) available!

Weather station in the area

Plock (SYNOP 123600)
Plock (SYNOP 123600)
Plock (SYNOP 123600)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Palocka (SYNOP 292410)
Weatherstation Ploce (SYNOP 144620)
Weatherstation Snowshoe-Lake (METAR PALK)
Weatherstation Rickenbacker-Ang (METAR KLCK)
Weatherstation Peck (METAR KECK)
Weatherstation Peck (METAR IATA_ECK)
Weatherstation Oe-Cusse-Timor-I (METAR WPOC)
Weatherstation Mus (METAR LTCK)
Weatherstation Leigh-Creek-S-A (METAR YPLC)
Weatherstation Lask-Airport (METAR EPLK)
Weatherstation Larnaca-Larnax-A (METAR LCLK)
Weatherstation La-Verne-Bracket (METAR KPOC)
Weatherstation Kogalniceanu (METAR LRCK)
Weatherstation Klawock (METAR PAKW)
Weatherstation Klawock (METAR IATA_AKW)
Weatherstation Klawock (SYNOP 703894)
Weatherstation Klagenfurt (METAR LOWK)
Weatherstation Khoram-Abad (METAR OICK)
Weatherstation Ilo (METAR SPLO)
Weatherstation Hallock (METAR KHCO)

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