Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Pocatello (KPIH) available!

Weather station in the area

Pocatello (METAR IATA_PIH)
Springfield/Pih (METAR IATA_SFX)
Springfield/Pih (METAR KSFX)
Pocatello Municipal (SYNOP 725780)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Pocatello (METAR IATA_PIH)
Weatherstation Pello (METAR EFPE)
Weatherstation Muotello (METAR ES_2430Y)
Weatherstation Castellon (SYNOP 082860)
Weatherstation Pocatello-Municipal (SYNOP 725780)
Weatherstation Monticello (METAR KMSV)
Weatherstation Monticello (METAR KLLQ)
Weatherstation Monticello (METAR IATA_MSV)
Weatherstation Monticello (METAR IATA_LLQ)
Weatherstation Monticello (SYNOP 725145)
Weatherstation Castellote (METAR ES_9561X)
Weatherstation Purcell (SYNOP 746510)
Weatherstation Teller (METAR PATE)
Weatherstation Tatalina-Afs (METAR PATL)
Weatherstation Portage-Glacier (METAR PATO)
Weatherstation Lal (METAR OALL)
Weatherstation Elfin-Cove (METAR PAEL)
Weatherstation Puerto-Cabello (METAR SVPC)
Weatherstation Puerto-Cabello (SYNOP 804120)
Weatherstation Porto-Velho (METAR SBPV)

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