Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Ponyri (340030) available!

Weather station in the area

Ponyri (SYNOP 340030)
Ponyri (SYNOP 340030)
Ponyri (SYNOP 340030)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Pori (METAR EFPO)
Weatherstation Pori (SYNOP 029520)
Weatherstation Pionerski (SYNOP 238200)
Weatherstation Peoria (METAR KPIA)
Weatherstation Peoria (METAR IATA_PIA)
Weatherstation Peoria (METAR CXPA)
Weatherstation Peoria (SYNOP 713480)
Weatherstation Monsyr (SYNOP 357490)
Weatherstation Pontarlier (METAR LFSP)
Weatherstation Pontarlier (SYNOP 073963)
Weatherstation Propria (SYNOP 830970)
Weatherstation Pontiac (METAR KPTK)
Weatherstation Pontiac (METAR KPNT)
Weatherstation Pontiac (METAR IATA_PTK)
Weatherstation Pontiac (METAR IATA_PNT)
Weatherstation Pohnpei (SYNOP 913470)
Weatherstation Gornyij (SYNOP 370170)
Weatherstation Cotnari (SYNOP 150560)
Weatherstation Tyri (SYNOP 261350)
Weatherstation Rmukalla-Intl (METAR OYRN)

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