Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Porterville (KPTV) available!

Weather station in the area

Porterville (METAR IATA_PTV)
Porterville (SYNOP 723895)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Porterville (METAR IATA_PTV)
Weatherstation Porterville (SYNOP 723895)
Weatherstation Cartersville (METAR KVPC)
Weatherstation Cartersville (METAR IATA_VPC)
Weatherstation Waterville (METAR KWVL)
Weatherstation Waterville (METAR IATA_WVL)
Weatherstation Waterville (SYNOP 726073)
Weatherstation Somerville (METAR KSMQ)
Weatherstation Somerville (METAR KSJB)
Weatherstation Somerville (METAR KN52)
Weatherstation Somerville (METAR IATA_SMQ)
Weatherstation Somerville (METAR IATA_SJB)
Weatherstation Somerville (METAR IATA_N52)
Weatherstation Homerville (METAR KHOE)
Weatherstation Homerville (METAR IATA_HOE)
Weatherstation Port-Weller (METAR IATA_WWZ)
Weatherstation Port-Weller (METAR CWWZ)
Weatherstation Port-Weller (SYNOP 714320)
Weatherstation Platteville (METAR KPVB)
Weatherstation Platteville (METAR IATA_PVB)

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