Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Portland (KPDX) available!

Weather station in the area

Pearson/Vancouvr (METAR IATA_60S)
Portland/Wfo (METAR IATA_PQR)
Portland/Rfc (METAR IATA_PTR)
Vancouver (METAR IATA_VUO)
Pearson/Vancouvr (METAR K60S)
Portland/Rfc (METAR KPDR)
Portland/Wfo (METAR KPQR)
Portland/Rfc (METAR KPTR)
Vancouver (METAR KVUO)
Portland Intl. Airport (SYNOP 726980)
Scappoose (SYNOP IATA_1S4)
Scappoose (SYNOP IATA_SPB)
Troutdale (SYNOP IATA_TTD)
Scappoose (METAR K1S4)
Scappoose (METAR KSPB)
Troutdale (METAR KTTD)
Portland/Troutdale (SYNOP 726985)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Portland (METAR KPWM)
Weatherstation Portland (METAR K1M5)
Weatherstation Portland (METAR IATA_PWM)
Weatherstation Portland (METAR IATA_PDX)
Weatherstation Portland (METAR IATA_1M5)
Weatherstation Portland (SYNOP 726984)
Weatherstation Portland (SYNOP 726063)
Weatherstation Sortland (SYNOP 011670)
Weatherstation Courtland (METAR K9A4)
Weatherstation Courtland (METAR IATA_9A4)
Weatherstation Worland (METAR KWRL)
Weatherstation Worland (METAR IATA_WRL)
Weatherstation Totland (SYNOP 038730)
Weatherstation Portland-Wfo (METAR KPQR)
Weatherstation Portland-Wfo (METAR IATA_PQR)
Weatherstation Portland-Rfc (METAR KPTR)
Weatherstation Portland-Rfc (METAR KPDR)
Weatherstation Portland-Rfc (METAR IATA_PTR)
Weatherstation Port-Hedland (SYNOP 943120)
Weatherstation Portland-Head (SYNOP 726087)

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