Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Postojna (141120) available!

Weather station in the area

Postojna (SYNOP 131120)
Katarina (SYNOP 130120)
Il Sistrica (SYNOP 131110)
Vojsko (SYNOP 140090)
Katarina (SYNOP 140120)
Ilirska Bistrica (SYNOP 141110)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Postojna (SYNOP 131120)
Weatherstation Boston (METAR KBOS)
Weatherstation Boston (METAR IATA_BOS)
Weatherstation Boston (SYNOP 725093)
Weatherstation Pottstown (METAR KPTW)
Weatherstation Pottstown (METAR IATA_PTW)
Weatherstation Vostocnaja (SYNOP 246790)
Weatherstation Preston (METAR QFCM)
Weatherstation Preston (METAR KFKA)
Weatherstation Preston (METAR IATA_FKA)
Weatherstation Potenza (METAR LIBZ)
Weatherstation Potenza (SYNOP 163000)
Weatherstation Pontons (METAR ES_0061X)
Weatherstation Houston (METAR KT02)
Weatherstation Houston (METAR KLVJ)
Weatherstation Houston (METAR IATA_T02)
Weatherstation Houston (METAR IATA_LVJ)
Weatherstation Fosston (METAR KFSE)
Weatherstation Fosston (METAR IATA_FSE)
Weatherstation Fosston (SYNOP 727505)

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