Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Pula (LDPL) available!

Weather station in the area

Pula (SYNOP 132090)
Pula/Aerodrom (SYNOP 143070)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Pula (SYNOP 132090)
Weatherstation Puebla (METAR MMPB)
Weatherstation Puebla (METAR IATA_PBC)
Weatherstation Puebla (SYNOP 766850)
Weatherstation Tula (SYNOP 277190)
Weatherstation Sula (SYNOP 012280)
Weatherstation Pila (SYNOP 122300)
Weatherstation Palmyra-Cooper (METAR PLPA)
Weatherstation Pala (METAR FTTP)
Weatherstation Pala (SYNOP 647090)
Weatherstation Mula (METAR ES_7172X)
Weatherstation Mariana-Andersen (METAR PGUA)
Weatherstation Lajes-Ab (METAR LPLA)
Weatherstation Lahore (METAR OPLA)
Weatherstation Kotlas (METAR ULAK)
Weatherstation Fanning-Island (METAR PLFA)
Weatherstation Arhangelsk (METAR ULAA)
Weatherstation Aparri-Luzon-Island (METAR RPUA)
Weatherstation Tuzla (METAR LQTZ)
Weatherstation Tuzla (SYNOP 132570)

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