Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Putbus (100930) available!

Weather station in the area

Arkona (SYNOP 100910)
Arkona (SYNOP 100910)
Parow (SYNOP 101810)
Greifswald (SYNOP 101840)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Cottbus (METAR ETHT)
Weatherstation Cottbus (SYNOP 104960)
Weatherstation Cottbus (SYNOP 104920)
Weatherstation Usinsk (METAR UUYS)
Weatherstation Urgench (METAR UTNU)
Weatherstation Tuguegarao-Luzon (METAR RPUT)
Weatherstation Tucson (METAR KTUS)
Weatherstation Termez (METAR UTST)
Weatherstation Tbilisi-Novo-Al (METAR UGTB)
Weatherstation Tamdy-Bulak (METAR UTSM)
Weatherstation Tacuarembo (METAR SUTB)
Weatherstation Shahrisabz (METAR UTSH)
Weatherstation Samarkand (METAR UTSS)
Weatherstation Sakon-Nakhon (METAR VTUS)
Weatherstation Rayong-U-Taphao (METAR VTBU)
Weatherstation Pueblo (METAR KPUB)
Weatherstation Post-1S (METAR XPTS)
Weatherstation Pittsburg (METAR KPTS)
Weatherstation Petersburg (METAR KPTB)
Weatherstation Navoi (METAR UTSA)

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