Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Radaseni (150550) available!

Weather station in the area

Suceava/Salcea (METAR LRSV)
Suceava/Salcea (SYNOP 150230)
Tirgu Neamt (SYNOP 150730)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Rauseni (SYNOP 150410)
Weatherstation Razdan (SYNOP 377920)
Weatherstation Raseiniai (SYNOP 266210)
Weatherstation Rhourd-Nouss (METAR DAEN)
Weatherstation Radicofani (METAR LIQR)
Weatherstation Radicofani (SYNOP 162040)
Weatherstation Radenthein (SYNOP 112110)
Weatherstation Radauti (SYNOP 150070)
Weatherstation Namdalseid (SYNOP 012800)
Weatherstation Madras-Chennai (METAR VOMM)
Weatherstation Gadsen-Muni (SYNOP 722285)
Weatherstation Bad-Gastein (SYNOP 111450)
Weatherstation Ukiah (METAR IATA_ENI)
Weatherstation Tagdalen (SYNOP 012210)
Weatherstation Ramstein (METAR ETAR)
Weatherstation Ramstein (SYNOP 106140)
Weatherstation Ranai (METAR WION)
Weatherstation Ranai (SYNOP 961470)
Weatherstation Pasni (METAR OPPI)
Weatherstation Pasni (SYNOP 417590)

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