Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Radstadt (111470) available!

Weather station in the area

Bischofshofen (SYNOP 111410)
Bad Gastein (SYNOP 111450)
Obertauern (SYNOP 111490)
St. Veit Im Pongau (SYNOP 113450)
Ramsau/Dachstein (SYNOP 113510)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Rashad (SYNOP 628030)
Weatherstation Waibstadt (SYNOP 107330)
Weatherstation Harstad (SYNOP 011800)
Weatherstation Slana (METAR IATA_DDT)
Weatherstation Shreveport-Dwntn (METAR IATA_DTN)
Weatherstation Phoenix-Deer-Vly (METAR IATA_DVT)
Weatherstation Pendleton (METAR IATA_PDT)
Weatherstation Oudestad (SYNOP 682720)
Weatherstation Middletown (METAR IATA_MDT)
Weatherstation Halmstad (METAR ESMT)
Weatherstation Halmstad (SYNOP 026040)
Weatherstation Dutch-Harbor (METAR IATA_DUT)
Weatherstation Duluth-Sky-Harbor (METAR IATA_DYT)
Weatherstation Detroit-White-Lk (METAR IATA_DTX)
Weatherstation Detroit-Wayne (METAR IATA_DTW)
Weatherstation Detroit-Lakes (METAR IATA_DTL)
Weatherstation Detroit-City-Air (METAR IATA_DET)
Weatherstation Destin (METAR IATA_DTS)
Weatherstation Denton (METAR IATA_DTO)
Weatherstation Delta (METAR IATA_DTA)

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