Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Roman (151110) available!

Weather station in the area

Roman (SYNOP 151110)
Tirgu Neamt (SYNOP 150730)
Piatra Neamt (SYNOP 151090)
Roman (SYNOP 151110)
Cotnari (SYNOP 150560)
Podul Iloaiei (SYNOP 150750)
Tirgu Neamt (SYNOP 150730)
Luizi Calugara (SYNOP 151480)
Bacau (SYNOP 151500)
Plopana (SYNOP 151320)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Roma (SYNOP 945150)
Weatherstation Romny (SYNOP 332680)
Weatherstation Romona (METAR KL39)
Weatherstation Romona (METAR IATA_L39)
Weatherstation Roatan (METAR MHRO)
Weatherstation Roatan (SYNOP 787030)
Weatherstation Romanovka (SYNOP 306500)
Weatherstation Yonaguni-Airport (METAR ROYN)
Weatherstation WrNeustadt-East (METAR LOAN)
Weatherstation Stafford-Regnl (METAR KRMN)
Weatherstation Rota (METAR ES_5910X)
Weatherstation Rota (METAR EQYR)
Weatherstation Rome (METAR KRMG)
Weatherstation Rome (METAR KREO)
Weatherstation Rome (METAR KP88)
Weatherstation Rome (METAR IATA_RMG)
Weatherstation Rome (METAR IATA_REO)
Weatherstation Rome (METAR IATA_P88)
Weatherstation Rome (SYNOP 726874)
Weatherstation Rome (SYNOP 162400)

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