Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Roseau-Municipal (KROX) available!

Weather station in the area

Roseau Muni (METAR IATA_ROX)
Roseau Muni (SYNOP 727477)
Warroad (SYNOP IATA_D45)
Warroad (METAR KD45)
Warroad (METAR KRAD)
Warroad (METAR KRRT)
Sprague (SYNOP 718535)
Warroad (SYNOP 727560)
Warroad (SYNOP 727564)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Roseburg-Municipal (SYNOP 726904)
Weatherstation Boise-Municipal (SYNOP 726810)
Weatherstation Roseau-Muni (METAR IATA_ROX)
Weatherstation Roseau-Muni (SYNOP 727477)
Weatherstation Rochester-Municipal (SYNOP 726440)
Weatherstation Russell-Municipal (SYNOP 724585)
Weatherstation Roanoke-Municipal (SYNOP 724110)
Weatherstation Olean-Municipal (SYNOP 725283)
Weatherstation Kenai-Municipal (SYNOP 702590)
Weatherstation Homer-Municipal (SYNOP 703410)
Weatherstation Goodyear-Municipal (SYNOP 722788)
Weatherstation Delta-Municipal (SYNOP 724793)
Weatherstation Cozad-Municipal (SYNOP 725634)
Weatherstation Wausau-Municipal (SYNOP 726463)
Weatherstation Riverside-Municipal (SYNOP 722869)
Weatherstation Rice-Lake-Municipal (SYNOP 726467)
Weatherstation Renton-Municipal (SYNOP 727934)
Weatherstation Red-Bluff-Municipal (SYNOP 725910)
Weatherstation Powell-Municipal (SYNOP 726667)
Weatherstation Las-Vegas-Municipal (SYNOP 723677)

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