Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Roseburg (726900) available!

Weather station in the area

Roseburg (METAR KRBG)
Roseburg Municipal (SYNOP 726904)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Roseburg (METAR KRBG)
Weatherstation Roseburg (METAR IATA_RBG)
Weatherstation Rotenburg (METAR ETGQ)
Weatherstation Rotenburg (SYNOP 102340)
Weatherstation Rexburg (METAR KU11)
Weatherstation Rexburg (METAR KRXE)
Weatherstation Rexburg (METAR IATA_U11)
Weatherstation Rexburg (METAR IATA_RXE)
Weatherstation Rustenburg (SYNOP 682520)
Weatherstation Rosebery (SYNOP 959540)
Weatherstation Roseau (METAR TDPR)
Weatherstation Roseau (SYNOP 789070)
Weatherstation Hoburg (SYNOP 026800)
Weatherstation Hoburg (SYNOP 026790)
Weatherstation Roebourne (SYNOP 943090)
Weatherstation Lordsburg (METAR KLSB)
Weatherstation Lordsburg (METAR IATA_LSB)
Weatherstation Wiesenburg (SYNOP 103680)
Weatherstation Uruguaiana-Rubem (METAR SBUG)
Weatherstation Uberaba (METAR SBUR)

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